Student Services

Protect your health while studying at Queen Mary

There is a free Student Health Service available on campus. Students living in Queen Mary accommodation at Mile End or Whitechapel and students living in the borough of Tower Hamlets (postcodes E1, E2, E3 and E14) are encouraged to register with the Student Health Service.

Queen Mary University (QMUL) students please use the Student Health Services (SHS) phone number: 020 7882 8710

Student Registration

For students who live outside the practice area who wish to register. We provide all services apart from home visits. 

Register with us simply by completing the registration form online by clicking the link below.

We provide a full range of medical services including contraception, emergency contraception; sexual health advice and care; psychological counselling; substance misuse; and immunisation. We also care for long term conditions such as diabetes, asthma, epilepsy etc.

To access these services and other available services under the NHS, students should register with Suttons Wharf Health Centre at the Student Health Centre at the beginning of term.

If you are currently registered with a general practitioner (GP) in the UK or have been at any time in the past you will need to bring; either your NHS Medical Card or your GPs’ name and your NHS number. 

This service is supported by GPs and nursing staff at Suttons Wharf Health Centre main site.

We look forward to seeing you and taking care of your health needs

About the Student Health Service

Suttons Wharf Health Centre provides a service for the Queen Mary University of London Student Health Service. 

Who is entitled to NHS treatment?

All UK residents, all students from a country with a reciprocal agreement, and any student who is studying in the UK for longer than 6 months are eligible to receive free treatment under the NHS.

Those who are NOT eligible for NHS treatment will still receive emergency treatment free. You can also consult the health centre GPs but will be charged. Consultation with specialists will also be charged. If you are studying for less than 6 months it is essential that you arrange adequate insurance cover before leaving your home country.

Full guidance for overseas visitors can is available from

Teaching and training

This is a teaching practice. Medical and nursing students sometimes sit in with the practice doctors and nurses. You will always be asked if you mind their presence at your consultation. If you don’t want a student to be present when you see the doctor or nurse, please tell our reception staff. You may also be asked to consent to your consultation being videoed as part of the training process. You can choose not to participate or ask that the video be turned off. Intimate examinations will not be videoed. All videos are confidential and will only be used in training and will be securely help and erased after use. Your help in training tomorrow’s doctors is greatly valued.

Other available services

If it’s a minor illness (colds / flu etc) speak to a pharmacist or contact NHS Direct on 111 (where you can access health advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year).


Anyone living, studying or working in Tower Hamlets can access good-quality NHS dental services. Simply find a dental practice that’s convenient for you, and contact them to make an appointment.

To find your nearest dentist please call the health hotline on 020 7364 5016 or search online at

Out-of-hours Dental Service

For urgent dental problems outside of practice hours: 020 7377 7151
The service operates:
Monday to Friday from 6:30pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am-3pm
From 7:30am-8pm on bank holidays.

Alternatively a list of dentists can be found on the British Dental Association web site

You will also find a list of doctors and dentists at your local library.

Opticians & Pharmacists

A list of opticians and pharmacies located close to the campus can be obtained from the Student Health Centre. Alternatively, you can also search for these services using the NHS Choices directory by following this link.

Serious & Emergency situations

For serious life threatening or critical conditions such as loss of consciousness, broken bones or persistent chest pain for 15 minutes or more dial 999 for an ambulance.

For a First Aider on campus please dial 3333

In Term time


Mon – Fri
9.00am – 5.00pm
020 7882 8710

5.00pm – 6.30pm
020 8980 3023

Outside Term time

Suttons Wharf Health Centre

Mon – Fri
8.30am – 6.30pm
020 8980 3023
Closed Friday from 1pm-2pm